10 Good reasons why you should date a girl with Tatoo

  1. She does not care regarding what is “trendy” or what the “scene” is doing; after all, she prefers standing out.
  2. Neither the styles on her body – nor the thoughts inside her head – could be replicated by the other person, and that’s what attracts you in. She’s completely different, and you’ll sense that just by watching her.
  3. I mean, she has the word “SAVAGE” tattooed on the side of her neck, i am certain she won’t care too much regarding petty sh*t, like where dinner is.
  4. She is not terrified of a bit pain.Tattoos are pretty painful. regardless of what anyone tries telling you, you are getting ink injected into your dermis by a needle, you are going to feel one thing.
  5. Yeah, she can commit.if you are worried about whether or not she’s willing to commit to one thing for the long-run, look no further than her forearm – wherever she has a spread of different tattoos
  6. She knows her own self-worth and she shows confidence in her own views. This is why she has no inhibitions about telling certain stories through tattoos on her body.
  7. She doesn’t worry about what conclusions you might draw from them, or what you think about her because of them. She’s comfortable with herself and allows this to be very transparent.
  8. Your parents will always remember her.
  9. How’s your girlfriend doing, you know, the one with all the tattoos.” Yeah, so don’t worry about them forgetting to prepare a seat at the table for her next Christmas. 
  10. She doesn’t live with regrets.When you’re inked up, you can’t really be too regretful. Tattoos don’t come with receipts or mulligans, so once you cross that line – there usually ain’t no going back. At least not without some type of laser surgery.