Top 10 Reasons never to Marry a fat lady

I was shocked to get this from men’s desk. during our tour, to have peoples opinion about marriage, a man burst in anger about the hatred he has for fat ladies and the reason why he divorced his wife. he said” I regret ever getting married to that fat ass, ah it hurts! ”. About 75% of the male folks were against the idea of a lady being fat while most of them admitted to just tolerating their wife’s fatness and are dying in silence.
Am not against any lady getting fat but I must admit hit the gym.  will you mind joining me to hit the gym? am a victim (sobbing).
Here is the summary of what 75% said about Top 10 Reasons never to Marry a fat lady

1) They Nag a lot: – Yup.. fat girls tend to nag and complain a lot about little problems. Their anger is as fast as they’re.. bullshit

2) They Snore- Gross! Eighty-nine of fat girls snore at nighttime after they sleep. It’s annoying, distasteful and dirty (where I return from).

3) they are too serious: – they’re therefore heavy and annoying that in sex after they are on high you’d need to die.

4) They reek of body odor:_ Yup.. 89.98% of fat girls smell! never go near them.

5) they’re insecure and have low self-worth: – Yea they have terribly low self-esteem. you’d presently see them insult ME for this. Hahahaha

6) they’re Lazy: – they’re lazy… they do not need to figure out… they’re largely unemployed

7) they’re embarrassing: – No clarification

8.) they’re designed for poor men: – have you ever detected that the majority sort of men WHO patronize fat prostitutes or run when fat girls are broke/poor? you need to have ascertained don’t lie! Tomorrow is Sunday angry

The rich/comfortable dudes follow the attractive, the skinny, and also the figure eight. Not the fat and ugly. undecided

9) Your kids are going to be weighty and ugly

10) They Suck!

you know why I wrote this? I didn’t”t mean to insult any fat lady but just to motivate her to hit the gym as soon as possible. fatness is very bad for your health condition.
Thank you.