six quotes ladies say to justify themselves for being single till mid-thirty

1. I’m Single And Happy: This quote is popularly used by most single ladies. They use this quote to console themselves. We know the relationship is not easy but that doesn’t mean there are any sweet sides to everything. No matter how they try to console themselves, sometimes they feel lonely especially when they see other women friends with their boyfriends/fiance.

2. I’m Waiting For Mr. Right: This is another lie single ladies tell to console themselves. They are on Facebook, instant messenger, naira land, e.tc yet can’t find a Mr right. How will you find Mr right, when you keep shutting all the men that come your way. Aunty! Take a clay and mould man for yourself 
3. God’s Time Is The Best: We all know God’s time is the best but why not make use of the time you have now. Most single ladies will say anything to justify their loneliness.
4. I’m Not Ready For A Relationship: Really! So you are not ready for a relationship, ma! When will you be ready? Oh! Okay when you are in your mid-forty by the time you clock your menopause 
5. I’m Into Celibacy: Most single ladies that are not virgins are fond of hiding under the canopy of the celibate. Pls!pls! Spare us that crap, you are not a nun.
6. All Men Are The Same: This quote is so popular among single ladies. How can you be hundred percent sure all men are the same when you have not dated them all.
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