Take A Look at these people who look like men but are actually women

Mimi D’Attomo started bodybuilding when she was in her late 20s and her aim was to use the drug to build her muscles perhaps She started mixing steroids with chemical drugs and cocktails of powders.

This is Joanna Clare Thomas (born 1976).  A British professional female bodybuilder at the age of 21. She has a pretty similar story.

she took steroids for 2 years. Gained weight and muscles and now this is how she looks.


She was taking anabolic steroids in her teenage years, but it does much more than helping this girl win a gold medal – it changed her body forever.

She, once upon a time was considered the biggest contender of winning a beauty pageant. But today, let’s just say that she is not what she was once upon a time.

When she joined a gym, she was a pretty blonde. Now, she is a man with muscular body. She claims, the change happened after she started using steroids in a desperate attempt to improve her shape.