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Teen Girl Says She Is Pregnant And She Will Give Birth To Jesus?

Haley is a 19-year-old Haley, said she is pregnant with Jesus.

am pregnant with Jesus she shouted as her mother interrogate her 

Remember, she said this on her own and not just a baby named Jesus but she boldly called it  “its the son of GOD called Jesus.

This is very strange or its Mary the mother of Jesus back to the Earth? each of the pregnancy test carried out has tested negative but she still insists she is pregnant with baby Jesus!

But Haley is determined and asked for a blood test saying she has a rare type of blood.

This might sound like a mystery of some sort….But Haley’s mother doesn’t think so.

Haley, though she is confident that she is pregnant with Jesus and she felt it kick.

she said:

“I know my pregnancy is real. I’ve gained at least 22 pounds,”

she said.”I was sleeping one night and my baby punched the bottom of my stomach and kicked me, and I can feel his head right here, right below my belly button.”

Haley says she doesn’t care if her family disowns her or nobody believes her. She says they will know the truth when she gives birth 9 days from now to Jesus. “He is my savior,” says Hayley.

And that’s when Haley’s family sought help from none other than Dr.Phil!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: bloggersarena