Why Smart Girls Don’t Waste Time With Boys Who Send Mixed Messages

A guy who’s sending you mixed messages doesn’t want to have any relationship with you period.  He’s probably just telling you what you want to hear so you’ll have a big f****ck with him. 

you know smart girls ? you know their stuff? don’t try them. Don’t think twice to play dirty game on them because they will screw you to hell.
Here are reasons why smart girls don’t waste time with play boys
  1. play boys make you feel special and 105% convinced that you’re on the same page. But when you’re apart, you’re constantly questioning if the guy even likes you. 
  2. They always come up with one excuse to always push her away, she dump a guy  immediately she find out about any mixed feelings.
  3. If  their current romantic life is just one big game of “Will he or won’t he,” then it’s time to ditch.
  4. They are mostly feminist and don’t tolerate any bullshit in the name of love
  5. They always need connection to make a better living , but once they find out you are in for wasting their time, they dump you for the next guy.
When you get rid of the guys who aren’t worth your time, you make room for someone who is. And until he shows up, you’ll have a lot more fun living your life rather than waiting for some dude to notice you.